What's Inside

Study Rooms

The library has three small rooms with a maximum capacity of four people and two large rooms with a maximum capacity of six people.

Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A library card or ID is needed to use a study room. Ask the librarian at the Reference Desk about room availability.

Unlike meeting rooms, study rooms CANNOT be reserved. Study room users are guaranteed one hour, but may stay longer if no one is waiting. If a study room has been vacant for 10 minutes or longer, it is considered abandoned and may be given to another patron.

The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you need to leave your room for a brief period of time, close the door behind you. The door will lock and the librarian at the desk will happily let you back in.

View our Study Room Guidelines.

Please DO NOT:

  • post anything on study room walls, windows, or doors
  • engage in any activities that disturb or interfere with other patrons
  • move study room furniture
  • leave belongings unattended for longer than ten minutes

Please DO:

  • adhere to the Patron Rules of Conduct
  • bring something to drink, or a dollar to purchase coffee, tea, cider or hot chocolate at the Reference Desk
  • vacate study rooms at least five minutes before the library closes for the day

Patrons Park

The library shares the block with a green space known as Patrons Park, which is home to a butterfly garden, water feature, chess tables, and the Musical Frog Trio of sculptures by Charles and Beau Smith of Atlanta. Bank One of West Bend donated the trio to the West Bend Friends of Sculpture in 1999. The library hosts several events at Patrons Park throughout the year, including our Summer Reading Program Ice Cream Social and Finale Picnic events. Otherwise, the space is available for public use, and is a great place to read, eat lunch, or play a game of chess.

Puzzle Table

If you're looking for a quiet opportunity to socialize, check out the Puzzle Table on the second floor. We have a rotating selection of jigsaw puzzles available for the public to work on - once one puzzle is completely assembled, we put out a fresh one. It's a refreshing place to relax, keep your mind sharp, and meet other puzzlers!

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