Job Hunting? We Can Help!

by Susan on 2020-07-03 12:00:00

Used by over 2,200 libraries, academic institutions, and government agencies across the United States, AtoZdatabases is a leading provider of reference databases to help you find jobs, businesses, and people.  This simple, user-friendly solution is available from your home computer or smartphone by downloading the app and signing in with your library barcode.  From the library’s site ( click on “Library Services” and then “Online Resources and Databases”.  Under “Business, Finance, and Consumer Information” you will find AtoZ.   

AtoZdatabases collaborates with to provide the over 7 million jobs that are listed. obtains job postings by employers posting direct to their website or by gathering from thousands of employers’ websites.  This job database will allow you to learn more about a potential employer by linking to the company’s business profile. The jobs database also contains résumé and cover letter templates, personality tests, and preparation guides for the interview such as interview tips and videos.   

While job searching you can choose full-time, part-time, or internships.  You can also search by job title, keywords, business name or even search by popular job categories.  There is an advanced job search screen for limiting your searches even further.  If you use the Find a Business section you are able to put in a company name, bring up its profile, and see all the jobs that are available at that company. 

While you are using the database and have questions, AtoZ has a chat service available.  Experts can answer questions on the databases and explain how to use the information. 

As you can see, AtoZdatabases has the tools you need to discover new job opportunities.  Please call the West Bend Library Reference Desk at 262.335.5152 for questions or email