Geology at the Library

by Susan on 2020-12-18 12:00:00

Now through the end of January, take a break from this busy season and visit the West Bend Library’s second floor to look at the new display in our large glass case.  On loan from the Virtual Museum of Geology is a gorgeous array of rocks, minerals, and fossils.   Specimens in the case are labeled and you will find a handout that introduces you to this exhibit and the study of geology.   Over 5,300 mineral types have been identified to date.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and you will see a representation of some of those minerals – from the common to the rare, from the sturdy to the very fragile.  Each has a story to tell about our planet’s formation, composition, history, and continual change. 

Fossils give us a chance to look into the past and see a bit of these ancient animals and environments that are long gone.  They are the remains of plants and animals that in most cases no longer inhabit the earth, and are examples of how things have changed many times on our planet, continue to change now, and will change again in the future.  Travel back in time and peek into earth’s biological past by exploring the sampling of fossils you can see in the Library’s display case.  You will see some Woolly Mammoth hair, an Ice Age bison leg bone, dinosaur eggs, and a Megalodon shark tooth.

The Virtual Museum of Geology hopes that visitors enjoy viewing these minerals and fossils at the West Bend Library.  They serve as reminders of the natural wonders that surround us, above ground and below our feet.  You may even want to start collecting your own rocks and specimens.

While you are upstairs checking out the geology display, stop by the Reference Desk to pick up a special treat.  Or if you are feeling anxious about the holidays, grab one of our Holiday DE stress Kits. They contain fun distractions like bubble wrap, chocolate, activity booklets, stress balls, and more. One per person as supplies are limited.  New kits are available each Tuesday now through December 22.  Take one home and relax.

For questions, please call our Reference Desk at 262.335.5152 or email

This post was originally written to appear in the West Bend Daily News. Formatting has been modified for blog format.