March into Spring with These Staff Picks!

by Susan on 2020-03-27 09:00:00

Read on to discover what the West Bend Library staff have been reading lately! We have poetry, historical fiction, mystery, cookbooks, suspense, and nonfiction - truly something for everyone! Click the book title to learn more and request a copy to pick up once we reopen.


How to Cure a Ghost by Fariha Róisín (2019)

This collection of poetry explores topics of identity, heartbreak, body positivity, and our relationships with the people who deliver food to our homes. With gorgeous illustrations by Monica Ramos, Róisín's verse is perfect for fans of Nayyirah Waheed and Rupi Kaur.


Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini

This 2019 book highlights the resistance activities of several women in World War II with Wisconsin ties. Rich in detail, the book reads like a biography, but is based on real people and their experiences. It is worth the time if you enjoy historical fiction or have an interest in World War II history. Jennifer Chiaverini is a best-selling author who lives in Madison.


The Woman Who Spoke to Spirits (A World’s End Bureau Victorian Mystery #1)  by Alys Clare (2019)

In a new Victorian mystery series, Lily Raynor, a young retired nurse, has recently established the World’s End Bureau, an investigative agency in 1880 London. Clare has honed her writing with her wonderful medieval mysteries, and now brings her creativity and depth of detail to this brand new series.


The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor (2018)

A riveting psychological suspense debut that weaves a mystery about a childhood game gone dangerously awry, and will keep readers guessing right up to the shocking ending.  It alternates between 1986 and 2016 with unpredictable twists.  It may remind you of the movie that just came out "It: Chapter 2" but without the creepy clown, old house, or underground sewer.


The Radium Girls by Kate Moore (2017)

This book celebrates the strength of a group of women whose determination to fight, improved both labor laws and scientific knowledge of radium poisoning.  It revolves around dial-painters - girls (some just teenagers) and women employed to paint the numbers on clocks, watches and other instruments using radium-infused luminous paint.  This is one those books that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it, as the author brings these brave women to light in a brilliant manner.  Highly recommended.


The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to 100 by Dan Buettner

Building on decades of research, the author, a longevity expert, has gathered 100 recipes inspired by the Blue Zones, home to the healthiest and happiest communities in the world. Each dish uses ingredients and cooking methods proven to increase longevity, wellness, and mental health.   These healthy recipes will improve your health, extend your life, and fill your kitchen with happiness. J


Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook (2017) by Christina Henry

A retelling of Peter Pan like no other.  This is the story of a trusted friend and ally who became a bitter nemesis and archenemy.  Henry is known for her dark retellings that surprise as much as they shock. This story is unexpected, but also full of heart.