National Library Week: What We Love About Libraries

by Christine on 2022-04-08 08:00:00

National Library Week is coming to a close, but if you didn’t make it out to see our display, no worries! We shared our staff’s favorite books on the blog at the beginning of the week, which you can put on hold anytime. Today, in one more adaptation from our physical display, we’d like to share a little more from our staff.

As part of our National Library Week display, we asked everyone to talk a little about themselves, including sharing a library-related memory or telling us why they love libraries. The results were joyful and wide-reaching. Without further ado:

"My children's librarian growing up had a big impact on me — I specifically remember her introducing me to the Baby-Sitters Club books, showing me how to use the card catalog, and helping me with a project on Louis Braille. She's still the children's librarian at my hometown public library today, and it makes me happy knowing she loves her job as much as I loved having her help me!”
– Christine, Library Associate II (Adult Services)

"I love libraries since I get to work with new books and help people find new things to read."
– Darci, Head of Technical Services

"I love libraries because there is something for everyone. Libraries inspire me — the books, the programs, the people."
– Emily, Access Services Librarian

"I love coming to work every day never knowing what will happen, like the time my husband and son came with coffee and found me outside with a sledgehammer pounding down the StoryWalk."
– Amber, Library Associate II (Teen Programming)

"My mom was a library director of a small tourist town library up north when I was growing up. I remember helping shelve kids' books as soon as I learned the alphabet. A few years later (I am going to really date myself here), she would have me printing new labels to put on books with a typewriter! 30 +/- years later and I am doing the same thing I did when I was a kid and I still love doing it."
– Marnie, Library Associate II (Tech Services)

"Public libraries are the most efficient means to build an improved society. We provide information, education, and entertainment without discrimination. Public libraries are an institution where everyone can choose to belong without concern for financial or privacy costs. In my years of being a library director, I have witnessed the library's power many times through patrons finding employment, neighbors becoming friends, students achieving academic excellence, families finding shelter, cultures coming together, and individuals finding hope. There are so many stories and each one is powerful."
– Steve, Library Director

"When I was younger, my family went to the library every Tuesday, and I was always so excited to have fresh books to curl up with. I'd always get so many books and if my mom went to the library without me, I'd get so disappointed if she picked me up any fewer than 20 books. I also used to participate in my library's writing contests and a few times I won first place which was $100 gift cards to Borders or Barnes and Noble! I felt so rich, and it really encouraged me to continue writing."
– Meghan, Library Associate II (Adult Services)

"I love libraries because they are the great equalizers. Everyone who walks in the door is the same. The same wealth of resources is equally available to everyone."
– Nancy, Outreach Program Coordinator

"I love libraries because I love to read and learn new things."
– Mary Ann, Library Associate I

"I have a TON of great library memories — way too many to list. Kids are the greatest!"
– Terika, Youth Services Coordinator

"I used to bring my son here for the fun night events, such as the magic show. He also loved to play in the children's area and, of course, check out a bunch of books!"
– Sandra, Library Associate II (Interlibrary Loan)

"A little boy probably three years of age came up to the desk once and asked if we have any books about car crushing machinery. He was so cute trying to get the words out."
– Marta, Library Associate sub

"I love books, and the idea that you can borrow them for free is wonderful."
– Cindy, Page

"I grew up in Germantown, and the library in the 1970s was the cutest little one-story building; during summer I walked there and could spend hours browsing and reading books and checking some out to take home. Yes, the librarian had to stamp the due date on the card in the envelope on the inside of the back cover. How I would love to have a picture of the inside of that tiny building when it was the library! The building is still there, but is used for other commercial business. I LOVED that library!"
– Laura, Library Associate I

"I love seeing people walk out with stacks of books and smiles on their faces!"
– Susan, Reference Librarian

"My first memory of visiting my hometown's tiny public library includes being in complete awe at the seemingly supernatural power the librarian had to conjure out of thin air every book she could find for me... on sharks!! I was around 6 years old and terrified after seeing Jaws for the first time... so my mom tried to help me fight that fear by learning everything I could about the creatures. What wisdom the quintessential bespectacled figure behind the counter had, and in the era before the internet! After that first visit I went home with a stack of books and my curiosity was explosive and I was hooked. Much like the shark, in Jaws... when Brody blew it up (I learned from that library that they actually did that with dozens of cans of red paint!)."
– D’Lacey, Library Associate II (Youth Services)

“When I was young, we would go to the library in Port Washington and they had a balsa wood glider that hung above the circulation desk. That glider inspired me to build models of my own.”
– Mark, Library Associate I