Staff Reading Resolutions 2022

by Christine on 2021-12-27 08:51:00

Picture your stereotypical library worker. We’re all reading at the desk all the time, right? I think a lot of us wish the job involved that much reading! Since it doesn’t, that means a lot of us here at the West Bend Community Memorial Library fall broadly into two categories: people who read like it’s their job, and people who, despite being around books all day, read much less than they want to.

But that’s what the New Year is for: making changes to improve our lives — or, in this case, improve our reading habits. We probably won’t be reading at the desk anytime soon, but it turns out there might be enough hours in the day to reach our goals anyway. In 2022, our staff desire to read different genres, keep track of our reading in different ways, and simply read more (or at least more regularly).

When it comes to reading, here’s what our staff resolve to do in the upcoming year:


My reading resolution for 2022 is to read more manga and graphic novels. I love how enthusiastic our teens are when it comes to this genre and I would love to join those conversations!


I will be attempting to read 52 nonfiction books and start a fiction book club for my family.


My goal is to finally get on Goodreads! I was a big user of LibraryThing to keep track of my reading (years ago) and felt a little miffed that everyone shifted to Goodreads when I already had 500+ books read and rated on LibraryThing! Because of this, I haven't kept track of my reading in close to a decade! I resolve to join Goodreads in 2022 and read at least 25 juvenile chapter books (I'm the children's librarian, no grownup books for me, ha-ha!).


My reading resolution is to read more nonfiction history and learn more about the literary awards for this genre.


My reading goal for 2022 is to read 10 books since I only managed about 8 this year.


My resolution is not an exact number I would like to reach, but I would like to read more books about engineering. My dad had great influence on me as he is not only a sports fanatic but a mechanical engineer too. And I really enjoyed working with electrical circuits. When I graduated from high school, I decided to study marketing at university and as the semesters went by, I have realized that most of the assignments I have submitted were about sports, and I was reading everything about sports marketing, but nothing for engineering.  I would like to rediscover this faded passion the next year to refresh and broaden my knowledge about it!


In 2022, I’d like to incorporate reading into my daily routine. The way I read now, I’ll devour five or 10 books in a week, not read anything for three months, and repeat. But by making reading a more natural option on a day-to-day basis, I hope I can read even more at a more realistic pace. (But I still wouldn’t say no to a five-book week every once in a while! Sometimes a series sucks me in and I have to read the whole thing ASAP.)


My main reading resolution for 2022 is to dedicate at least half an hour every day to reading books. I know that if I make myself commit to only 30 minutes, I’ll end up wanting to keep reading longer and if I have the time for it, I will. If not, I still read 30 minutes. I scroll on my phone for 30 minutes straight all the time, so I should easily be able to make time for reading instead. I used to be really good about reading a lot every day, but I just need to ease my way back into that lifestyle. My second 2022 reading resolution is to be a great book club host. Some of my friends asked me to start a book club for them, and I hope that this book club will continue on for a long time and be very enjoyable for everyone. I’m excited to force my friends to read and discuss books with me, hope they like it too.


My reading goal this coming year is to simply write a review, even if it is just a few brief words, of each book I read. This was my 2021 goal and I managed to "star" rate each book but failed miserably in putting my thoughts on a page!


My 2022 reading resolution is to try my best to keep a reading journal (not online!) — putting pen to paper and recording my thoughts. It might be as simple as a list of what books I read, or as complex as a detailed account of plot, quotes, and insights — mostly quotes. I will purchase a gorgeous journal and pen and just enjoy capturing the books I have read. :)