Jazz Up Your Classroom: Special Library Cards for Teachers

by West Bend Library on 2019-10-18 12:00:00

Calling all teachers! Need titles not available at your school library? In search of multiple copies of the same title? Always wanted an easy way to include databases in your classroom? Talk to your administrator(s) about a teacher library card! West Bend area schools (including Jackson!) have the opportunity to allow their teachers a teacher library card at West Bend Library.

The purpose of a teacher library card is to supplement the curriculum with material from local public libraries without having to use a personal library card. This can be helpful for teachers who need several copies of the same title, need titles not available at the school library, or who would like to check out a lot of material.

Teacher cards allows access to 1 million items from 31 libraries in the Monarch Library System as well as several databases. Teachers may check out 100 items at one time. Overdue fines and damage fees will be the responsibility of the school.

This is a great way to make a wide variety of titles and materials available to students and staff alike. Incorporating newer releases in English curricula, for example, can help keep students engaged in class material. Rather than buy a bunch of copies of a fairly new book for a classroom or school library, you can check out copies that are already available!

Interested principals should contact the Head of Circulation, Emily Laws, at elaws@westbendlibrary.org to obtain an agreement form and applications for teachers. Teachers will complete the application and bring it to the West Bend Library Circulation Desk along with a school ID. 

Please let us know how we can best meet your needs. Reach out to any of the West Bend Library librarians or Library Director Amy Salminen at 262-335-5151 or by email at libref@westbendlibrary.org