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NOTE: This event is over!

Fri, Dec 6th 2019

1 - 3 pm

The West Bend Library will be showing a FREE classic movie the first Friday of every month at 1 PM. Bring your own popcorn and enjoy a great film. 

For December, we will be showing the 1945 classic, Christmas in Connecticut. This program is free and open to the public. 

Add a twinkle of fun this Christmas with the classic movie, Christmas in Connecticut (1945, not rated). Barbara Stanwyck stars as food journalist, Elizabeth Lane. In her column, Elizabeth has passed herself off as a wife, mother, and excellent cook. But in reality, she is a terrible cook, single, and lives in New York. When her boss invites himself and a returning war hero (Dennis Morgan) to Elizabeth's home for Christmas. Elizabeth must rush to cover up her lie. 

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