Policies, Fines & Fees

Fines & Fees

ItemLoan PeriodFines
Adult Books28 days$0.10/day
Adult Books on CD28 days$0.10/day
Adult New Adult Fiction Books14 days$0.10/day
Adult Music CDs14 days$0.10/day
Adult Magazines14 days$0.10/day
Adult Educational & Series DVDs14 days$0.10/day
Adult DVDs7 days$0.10/day
Hotspots7 days$10.00/day
Adventure passes3 days$10.00/day
Children’s DVDs7 daysNone
Children’s Books28 daysNone
Children’s CDs14 daysNone
Children’s Non-Fiction DVDs14 daysNone
Children’s Audiobooks28 daysNone
Children’s Storytime Kits14 daysNone
Children’s STEAMKITS7 daysNone


The following policies governing library operations have been approved by the West Bend Community Memorial Library Board of Trustees.

Acceptable Internet Use Policy – To use the public internet computers at the library, you must agree to these guidelines.

Bulletin Board and Display Policy РShow off your collection or advertise on our bulletin board. 

Charitable Organization Donation Policy – Want to collect donations for your organization at the library? Here’s what you need to know.

Donation Policy – Learn more about what types of materials the library accepts as donations.

Holds Pickup Policy – Want to give someone else permission to pick up your items? Check this out.

Homebound Delivery Policy – Washington County, WI residents who cannot physically come to the library may be eligible for delivery services. View this policy to learn more!

Interlibrary Loan Policy – Need an item that’s not available in the Monarch Library System? Here’s what you need to know.

Library Card Registration Policy – What do you need to check out a library card?

Materials Selection and Reconsideration Policy– How do librarians decide which items to purchase, and for which collections?

Meeting Room Policy – Everything you need to know about reserving one of the library’s meeting rooms.

Patron Rules of Conduct РGeneral guidelines for library users. [Updated 2021]

Special Holiday Closings Policy – Find out, generally, when the library is closed for holidays.

Tornado Emergency Policy – What happens if there is a tornado warning or watch?

Wireless Internet Policy – What to know before connecting to the library’s free wi-fi.

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