Stuff For Teens!

The West Bend Library offers a wide variety of books, media, and programming geared toward teens and preteens. Scroll down for more information.

Teen Tuesdays

Join teen librarian Hannah on YouTube for book recommendations, plus other activity suggestions - Emotional Support Anime, stuff to watch, stuff to listen to, stuff to make, and more! For personalized book recommendations, leave a comment!

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Looking to add some oomph to your résumé, college application, or scholarship opportunities? The West Bend Community Memorial Library is now offering a remote volunteering program for teens and preteens ages 11-18.

Complete activities to earn hours at your convenience. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like.

Follow these quick, easy steps to participate:

1. Email Hannah at from the email you check most frequently, and include the following information:

  • Your name (and pronouns, if you like)
  • Your age/grade/school

Hannah may use the contact information you provide to check in periodically, and to let you know when in-person volunteering becomes available again, so please use an email address you’ll actually check.

2. Pick and complete activities from the list.

Access the list here.

This document may update periodically as more folks have suggestions for ways to earn volunteer hours. 


3. Use the activity log to keep track of your volunteer hours.

Download your volunteer activity log here. This log prints double-sided. You can also pick up activity logs at the library.

Need more website review forms? Click here.

4. Turn in your volunteer activity log.

Bring it back to the library for Hannah to sign. Hannah is typically available on weekday afternoons, but in case something comes up or changes, please email for an appointment.

Thanks for all your help!

Please contact Hannah at with any questions.

No teen volunteering will take place in person at the library until further notice.

Teen Events

In-person events will resume once it's safe to do so. In the meantime, follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud and Facebook for news and activities!

Teen Crafts

Missed any of our weekly teen crafts this summer? If you can get your own supplies, we have instructions here!

Share your finished products on Facebook or Instagram!

Week 1: Cubee crafts - Print at home or for $1 at the library! Pick one or several and try your hand. We recommend card stock. 

Week 2: Scratch-off art - click here for instructions on making your own at home! 

Week 3: Make a zine - click here for instructions! If you would like to donate your zine to the library, drop it off and we'll add it to the collection! 

Week 4: Folded Book Page Bracelets - You can use any type of paper! Instructions are here.

Week 5: Monster Bookmarks - These work best with construction paper or colorful card stock, but it shouldn't be hard to make them at home! Instructions here; template here

Week 6: Pony Bead Lizards - instructions here

Week 7: Ribbon/Lace Bookmarks - instructions here

Post-Summer Crafts:

October 2020: Fold Your Own Jack O'Lantern - Instructions here

November 2020: Among Us Figurines - printable pieces here

December 2020: Book Page Wreaths - instructions here

January 2021: Weave A Coaster on a Cardboard Loom - instructions here 

February 2021: DIY Birdseed Cookie Winter Bird Feeders - instructions and bird identification guide here

March 8: Jellyfish Bracelets - instructions here

April 12: Blackout Poetry - instructions here

May 10: Personalized Journals

Other Activities

Looking for stuff to do? Check these out! Find fliers on our bulletin board in the Young Adult Fiction section at the library as well.

  • Bad vibes got you down? Download/print the Emotional Compost worksheet to work through them. Don't forget to check out NAMI Washington County for more resources!
  • Want to boost your typing speed? Check out TypeLit, which lets you practice typing classic literature, so you can check books off your college prep reading list while you type!
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